Energy Efficiency Certificate for Auditors


Energy Audit

Energy Efficiency Certificate for Auditors gives auditors workable knowledge to perform audits, plans, cost analysis, and projections that will help with designing and maintaining energy efficient systems. A special emphasis is placed on recognizing ways to improve existing energy efficiency based on established industry standards (IEEE, DOE, NFPA, NETA, ASTM, ASHRAE, ICC, NEMA, UL, MET, and ETL) along with company policy and procedures.

Courses geared for the Auditor Certificate are:

1. Information Needed Before the First Meeting

2. Facility First Walk-through

3. First Report

4. Follow-up Report

5. Basics of Operational Theory of Efficiency: Mechanical Principles, Electrical Principles, Power, Lighting Applications, and HVAC

6. Process and Industrial Machines

7. The Building Envelope