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Have you been given responsibility for energy efficiency or building maintenance at your company?
We offer four Energy Efficiency Certificate Programs that can assist you.

Our program for Managers can help them make informed decisions concerning energy efficiency.

Our program for Auditors will teach them how to perform an audit, which is critical to designing, maintaining, and projecting costs of Energy Efficient systems.

Our program for Engineers can help them design these systems.

Our program for Workers and Technicians can help them maintain these systems.

These Additional Courses can be taken in addition to a certificate program or by themselves.

Candidates for these certificate programs:

• Building Managers

• Energy Auditors

• Engineers

• Maintenance Workers and Technicians

Benefits to you and your company are:

• Improve your workable technical knowledge on energy efficiency

• Develop policies and procedures that are consistent with energy efficiency standards

• Recognize ways to improve your energy efficiency based on established industry standards

• Save your company money on lower energy bills

• On-line courses are available 24/7

• Each course has a link to an eBook that you can reference

General Information: All programs are available online 24/7.

Programs are set up so YOU CAN WORK AT YOUR OWN

PACE. ONCE YOU REGISTER, you will be sent a user name

and password. You can then start your courses at any time.

How to register:

1. Go to Energy Efficiency Online Courses

2. Choose the Program or Additional Classes you want to take

3. Choose the Available Session

4. Check your Subsessions, which are your Courses

5. Click Add to Cart

6. Complete Registration Process

For more information on these programs please contact

Gregg Cubel at (205) 348-7768 or

For company/multiple enrollments please contact

Peter Hodgson at (205) 348-4603 or