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Lead Based Paint Renovator Instructions & Qualifications

The Lead Based Paint training and certification process requires initial training and accreditation and yearly re-registration. Every three years the individual must take a refresher course in their respective disciplines to maintain accreditation. The general steps for accreditation in Alabama are as follows:

  1. Register and pass an Initial training class from an Alabama-approved training provider. 
  2. Individuals seeking accreditation will need to print and mail the application to our offices.
  3. Upon Approval you will receive a Safe State ID card.
  4. Once an individual’s certification is obtained through Safe State, the renovator company is required to obtain certification from the ADPH.
    • The ADPH handles in the field enforcement of the regulations and they will be auditing records, performing site inspections, and responding to complaints or requests.  
    • The company registration is $300 per year. Call the ADPH at (800) 819-7644 to make an application for company certification or follow the  ADPH Links

 Email for more information:, or call 800-421-7141