The Lead Based Paint training and certification process requires initial training and accreditation and yearly re-registration. Every three years the individual must take a refresher course in their respective disciplines to maintain accreditation. The general steps for accreditation in Alabama are as follows:

  1. Register and pass an Initial training class from an Alabama-approved training provider.
  2. Individuals seeking accreditation will need to print and mail the application to our offices.
  3. Upon Approval you will receive a Safe State ID card.
  4. Once an individual’s certification is obtained through Safe State, the renovator company is required to obtain certification from the ADPH.
    • The ADPH handles in the field enforcement of the regulations and they will be auditing records, performing site inspections, and responding to complaints or requests.
    • The company registration is $300 per year. Call the ADPH at (800) 819-7644 to make an application for company certification or follow the ADPH Links

Annual registration is required under the law. Look at your SafeState ID card.

The Registration Expiration Date tells you when you have to renew your card.

The Accreditation Expiration Date tells you what the renewal process will be:

If your Accreditation Expiration Date is more than a year away, you can complete the first page of the Lead Renovator Application form and submit fees. Photos and additional information are not required.

If your Accreditation Expiration Date is less than a year away. you should follow steps 1,2, & 3 above, This will require finding and completing a Lead Renovator Refresher Course from an Approved Renovator Training Provider.

If your Accreditation Expiration Date has passed, you will need to start from the beginning, This will require repeating the Lead Renovator Initial Course from an Approved Renovator Training Provider.

IMPORTANT: Valid registration extends for 3 years from the initial date of training. Accreditation will expire on the third year and refresher training must be completed prior to expiration or the Initial Course must be repeated.

While UA SafeState will make every effort to expedite the processing of your application, the processing of individual applications may take up to two-weeks, depending on back-log. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Please plan accordingly.

Email for more information:, or call 800-421-7141