Required Contents of an Asbestos Management Plan

For Public, Nonprofit private, and Charter Schools

  • A list of all schools in the system
  • The address of all buildings owned, leased, or otherwise used by the school
  • Name, address, and telephone number of the designated person
  • A true and correct statement by the designated person which assures that the general LEA
    responsibilities have been or will be met. It must be signed by the designated person.
    • Records of the inspections, re-inspections, and periodic surveillance including:
      • Sampling Information
        • Homogenous areas
        • Sample locations
      • Assumed and Identified asbestos containing building materials
      • Classification of asbestos containing building materials as friable or non-friable
      • Information on the condition of each asbestos containing building materials
  • Updated map/blueprint of all buildings owned, rented, or otherwise used by the school. Include all auxiliary buildings such as maintenance buildings, athletic buildings, storage, etc.
    • Maps should identify locations of samples and asbestos containing building materials, both confirmed and assumed.
  • Response actions for asbestos-containing building materials, including:
    • Initial and additional cleaning performed
    • Operation & Maintenance activities – including all routine maintenance activities where friable asbestos was disturbed.
    • Information on any fiber release episodes
    • Training Information, including course name, date, person trained, and signature of the trainee for:
      • The LEA’s Designated Person
      • Custodial Staff
      • Maintenance Personnel
    • A dated annual Notification to parents, teachers, and employees along with a description of how the annual notification was disseminated.
  • For schools with no asbestos containing building materials you must have either:
    • An exclusion letter signed by the architect or contractor stating that no asbestos containing building materials were used construction of the building, OR
    • An initial inspection report by accredited inspector who indicated that no asbestos containing building materials were discovered during the inspection.