UASafeState ran the first state-wide asbestos in schools inspection and abatement program in the nation. Since the initiation of that program in the early 1980’s, our field services have sought to lead the way in identifying environmental risks for organizations big and small.

If you are a property owner, facility manager, human resource manager, consultant, financial institution, or insurance company, we offer state of the art equipment and experienced staff to assist with your environmental investigations.


Contact UASafeState’s trained and certified staff if you need:

  • Asbestos Inspections
    • EPA and ASTM guidelines
  • Lead Based Paint Surveys
    • HUD and EPA guidelines
    • Inspections & Risk Assessments
  • Mold Assessments
    • AIHA/ CDC protocols
    • Ask about advanced protocols for mold assessment
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations
    • Volatiles
  • Field Based Testing
    • RCRA Metals (Niton XL)
    • Volatile Organics (Portable Gas Chromatograph, PID
    • Soil & Water


Michael Rasbury, Associate Director
(205) 348-3967 or (800) 421-7141