Asbestos in Alabama Schools Program

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)

In collaboration with the Alabama Department of Public Health, UA SafeState is responsible for AHERA compliance monitoring at schools in Alabama on behalf of the EPA. If your school is randomly selected for a compliance inspection, UA Safestate will review your management plan and walk through a selected number of your school buildings. We will make a report of observations based on this inspection, which will be given to the EPA. If the EPA determines that any of our observations indicate that the school is out of compliance with AHERA, your school could receive a “Notice of Noncompliance.” This notice may be accompanied with fines depending on the severity of the noncompliance.

Additionally, our role includes assisting the Local Education Agencies (LEAs) maintain compliance with AHERA. We can provide technical resources, compliance assistance, and training to help manage asbestos in Alabama schools. Please see the resources and training opportunities below.


Achieving AHERA Compliance Begins with the LEA Asbestos Management Plan

  1. Is the LEA’s Asbestos Management Plan current?
  2. Has your school designated a person to ensure the requirements of AHERA are properly implemented?
  3. Does the Asbestos Management Plan include 6-month periodic surveillance documents?
  4. Has your school conducted the 3-year asbestos re-evaluation inspection?
  5. Does the Asbestos Management Plan include a record of asbestos awareness training for all of the maintenance and janitorial staff?

Technical Resources 

Compliance Tool – Comprehensive tool for ensuring that your LEA meets all requirements under AHERA. To request access to the tool, email In the email request, include your name, title, school district, and/or business.

List of Accredited Asbestos Professionals

Click here for the list of accredited asbestos professionals in Alabama.

For the list of certified asbestos abatement firms, please contact Mr. Don Barron at ADEM:

AHERA Resources:

Training Opportunities

Micro-Training Resources

These short videos provide additional information about AHERA and the specific roles of the LEA and Designated Person(s)


LEA Responsibilities

Intro to Designated Person


Cleaning Asbestos Flooring

Health Effects

More coming soon…


Contact Information:

Kalyn Tew, Program Manager

Michael Rasbury, Director   205-348-3967