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Director's Office

Dr. Chris Schemel

Executive Director

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Director's Office

Picture of Sheila Mullenix

Sheila Mullenix

Administrative Specialist

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Director's Office

Tiffany Blount

Coordinator, Public Information

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Director's Office

Safe State Environmental Programs

Picture of Michael Rasbury

Michael Rasbury

Associate Director

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(205) 348-3967

Picture of Bonnie Dean

Bonnie Dean

Program Assistant

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(205) 348-8564

Picture of Kalyn Tew

Kalyn Tew

Environmental Services Manager

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(205) 348-9761

Picture of Shay Hamilton

Shay Hamilton

Office Associate SR

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(205) 348-4666

Picture of Rhonda Hester

Rhonda Hester

Environmental Program Specialist

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(205) 348-4829

Picture of Larry Overstreet

Larry Overstreet

Environmental Consultant

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(205) 348-8406

Picture of Kevin Covington

Kevin Covington

Environmental Consultant

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(205) 348-8571

Claud Santiago

Environmental Consultant

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Greg Stuckey

Environmental Consultant

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(205) 348-0570

Safe State OSHA Consultation Program

Picture of Matt Hollub

Matt Hollub


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(205) 348-8259


Program Assistant


Picture of Russ Chappell

Russ Chappell

Data Technician, Sr.

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Jean Wisdom

Safety Consultant

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Picture of Randy Easterling

Randy Easterling

Safety Program Supervisor

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(205) 348-8567

Picture of William Matt Sprague

William Matt Sprague

Health Consultant

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(205) 348-7138

Thomas Ten Eyck

Senior Safety Consultant

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Kathy Tibbetts

Office Associate II

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(205) 348-7136

Anju Melkani

Health Consultant

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205-348- 8576

Training & Conference Activities Program

Picture of Sheryl Foucher

Sheryl Foucher

Safety & Health Program Manager

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(205) 348-7769

Krystal Guin

Office Assistant II

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Barry Durand

Program Assistant

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Gregg Cubel

Environmental and Online Courses Training Coordinator

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Kim Kimbrell

Safety and Health Training Assistant

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