Environmental Programs conducts research to make life safer and better. We perform on-going practical research projects related to:

  • Improving environmental sampling and sample analysis
  • Remediation method efficacy
  • Remediation worker exposure,
  • Manufacturing process improvement, including raw material substitution

Recent projects areas include:

  • Low-cost method for identifying Chinese drywall
  • Research to develop a low-formaldehyde, low-VOC manufactured home
  • Improved methods for detecting airborne mold

If you have a specific problem that impacts the use of your facilities or your production processes, give us a call.


Production Process or Building Related Problems
Larry Overstreet, Safe State Environmental Consultant
(800)421-7141 or (800)421-7141 or (205)348-8406

Environmental Management Problems
Michael Rasbury
(800)421-7141 or (205)348-3967