Effective June 1, 2022- Expires May 31, 2023

*NOTE: The Office Location does not necessarily represent where the training class will occur. Many of the training providers offer the course at multiple locations and in more than one state.


Accelerated Risk Management

Office Location: Birmingham, AL

Contact: Leigh Lachine

Email: llachine@acceleratedrm.com

Phone: 205-533-7663

Website: www.acceleratedrm.com


EnviroED LLC

Office Location: Allentown, PA

Contact: Jessica Lucas

Email: jessica@enviroedllc.com

Phone: 610-217-9660

Website:  www.enviroed.net


The Environmental Institute

Office Location: Marietta, GA

Contact: Lisa Bucher

Email: lisa@tei-atl.com

Phone: 678-540-9469 or 678-540-9470

Website: www.tei-atl.com


Greenville Technical College

Office Location: Greenville, SC

Contact: Joy Finch

Email: Joy.Finch@gvltec.edu

Phone: 864-250-8155


Home Builders Association of Alabama

Office Location: Montgomery, AL

Contact: Louise Brown

Email: louisebrown@hbaa.org

Phone: 800-745-4222

Website: www.hbaa.org


KDC Environmental Services

Office Location: New Orleans, LA

Contact: Kim Dunn Chapital

Email: dunnwell1962@gmail.com

Phone: 504-650-2857

Website: Not Provided


Seagull Environmental/ ETF

Office Location: Pensacola, FL

Contact: James Stump

Email: james.seagull@me.com

Phone: 904-294-7942

Website: www.LeadPaintCertificationNetwork.com


Smart North America, Inc.

Office Location: Dothan, AL

Contact: Ruth Page Nelson

Email: ruthn@smartgridnorthamerica.com

Phone 334-685-0420

Website: www.smartgridnorthamerica.com


University of Alabama

Office Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

Contact: Gregg Cubel

Email: glcubel@ua.edu

Phone: 205-348-7768

Website: www.alabamasafestate.ua.edu